Monadikos Pan Kinesias

Singularium: OMNIS
Everything is paradox...
Paxdora is a reVisioning of the
word paradox, not only by simply
rearranging its letters, but by
introducing a new mental  
concepf, whereby meanings can
overlap other meanings when
seen in a different light or from
another perspective.
A paradox is something we think of as being a seeming contradiction -
having dichotomous, opposing  or inconsistent qualities. But what seems (to
the eye or mind) may be a veil of deception which often obscures what is
actual and real, and may condemn such as invalid or absurd - an
impossibility. The word/name Paxdora is much more than a mere anagram of
paradox - it is a union of Latin and Greek words created to convey a
message of reconciliation and good intent...a Gift of Peace.

Therefore, the message, Paxdora, means this:  when we learn how to accept
the reality and validity of so-called "paradoxes", we will achieve a great
reconciliation that transcends presumed contradictions - and thereby will we
receive the sublime Gift of Peace.
Paradise Is Here On Earth -AlienVS